Math Preparation Course in English for Bachelor Students in IBE or EuS

30 September - 04 October 2024

Contact: Dr. Ulf Friedrich | Email

These compact lessons and corresponding exercises will provide you with an introduction to mathematical skills necessary for bachelor's students of the School of Economics and Management. Created and open for international IBE students (B. Sc. in International Business and Economics) at OVGU. The course is also recommended for international students of European Studies.

The content of the course will be explained in teaching videos you can access anytime under the link Additionally we organize tutorials, where you have an opportunity to ask questions about the lecture content and to solve exercises together with a tutor.

The teaching videos are grouped in 5 folders by day.  We recommend watching the videos scheduled for each day in the morning (or in advance) and coming to the tutorial in the afternoon. The average duration of daily videos is around 2 hours. The exercises to be solved in the tutorial will be put online under the same link above. It is also recommended to look at the corresponding exercise sheet before the tutorial.

Lecturer: Dr. U. Friedrich (online videos)

Tutor: Tobias Wagner

Language: English



  1. Introduction (fractions, powers, roots, and logarithms, binomial products, absolute value...)
  2. Equations  (linear, quadratic, exponential, root, and logarithmic equations, absolute value,...)
  3. Inequalities (linear and quadratic inequalities, with absolute values, fractions,...)
  4. Trigonometry (sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, formulas, equations,...)
  5. Limits
  6. Sequences (arithmetic and geometric sequences, limits  of sequences)
  7. Functions  (domain, range, injective and surjective, composite, inverse functions)

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